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Biography . Artist Statement
Picture of Brad Clever

Brad Clever

A painter of wine.

Brad has been an illustrator for all of his professional life. He retired after 35 years as Art Director for a company that manufactures seasonal decorations. Brad has been painting still life themes for the past 25 years. He has been represented by art galleries around the country. His work has been shown from Washington DC to New York City, Carmel CA, Palm Beach FL, and Charleston SC. With that national exposure Bradís work is in many collections nationwide and his work has been featured in ďAmerican ArtistĒ magazine with an article and the cover.

Several years ago Brad first saw the work of Thomas Arvid in Palm Beach Fl. Arvid is the pre-eminent wine theme painter in the country. Being a novice wine enthusiast at the time, Brad was quite taken by the visual power that the objects associated with wine drinking can elicit. Brad is known for the realism and the extraordinary detail in his work, so the leap to putting his own stamp on the theme was a natural. Bradís solution was to bring objects and patterns into the work as he had done so many times before in his many still life paintings. The rendering of the many and varied surfaces in Bradís work were always a delight for him, and with the glass, metal and woods in the wine theme, Brad was in his element. Hopefully you will appreciate the results of Bradís work and he hopes that you will be moved by them and that you too will visually enter that state of mind that only the enjoyment of wine can evoke.

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