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Brad Clever

Artist Statement

As an artist I am a product of Pennsylvania, and I have been influenced by its brittle light, its old farm houses and the objects that were to be found in them. I loved the thick walls with wide windowsills where the light softly crept in to create soft highlights falling away to deep shadows. I had found satisfaction in photographing these scenes and feeling a sweet melancholy when I thought whose hands had touched the things that I too was touching. And later when I felt there must be something more than photography, something more profound and personal, I began to paint these same scenes. My temperament calls for reality and that is what I strive to do. I delight in the surfaces that I create and the reflections within them. I also feel that the depth in my paintings is what gives them life; the light and shadow and contrast. You can reach in and pick up a piece of fruit or wind up a tin toy. You can easily live with these familiar scenes or you can live within them.
I am content with what I do.

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